Museo de La Farmacia

DSC01613Museo de la Farmacia chronicles the importance of the Pharmacy in the 18th century. Here you will find a replica of an 18th century pharmacy along with the history of the first pharmacy in Old San Juan which is still open for business today. The curator of this museum, Yolanda Velazquez, is an artist with expertise in book binding. What does bookbinding have to do with an 18th century pharmacy? More than you think. Stop in and ask her. The answer will surprise you!

While you are there, ask her what the item on the right is and what it’s purpose is. It isn’t what you think. Those liquids aren’t medicines and it isn’t just for decoration either. This object would have been placed in the front window of the Pharmacy for all to see. It had a very important purpose in the 18th century.

This isn’t the only strange object you will encounter here. There are plenty more – bottles, scales, and even a ceramic head.

When you are finished, head over to Puerto Rico Drug. It is the oldest Pharmacy on the island and has been in business since 1868!



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