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Come and explore the second oldest city in the Western Hemisphere. Old San Juan is actually an island connected to the main island by bridges on the eastern side. The oldest section is on the west side and walled in on 3 sides. The historic city is divided into seven square blocks. The northern side of the city is uphill and is comprised of the residential area of town. The southern part, or port area (ports 1-4), is the commercial and tourist section that is comprised of shops, piers, and most of the restaurants.

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Old San Juan has a variety of upscale, mid-range, and budget-friendly lodging options to enjoy this old city and its many


Old San Juan is a gastronome’s delight. The options are just about endless.  Whether you are looking to sample the


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There is only one grocery store in Viejo San Juan. Supermax Convenient Grocery Store 201 Calle Cruz San Juan Puerto

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More Great Places to See in Puerto Rico

If you desire to see even more of the island, or you are looking for a little adventure, Puerto Rico has some really spectacular sites all over the island. This list will give you a taste of what you can find.  

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