Paseo de la Princesa

Paseo de la Princesa, constructed in 1853, is a lovely promenade that skirts the curved old city walls on the southern side of Old San Juan. No trip to San Juan is complete without a stroll along the esplanade. Paseo de la Princesa means “Walkway of the Princess”. It gets its name from an old 1837 building on the promenade known as “La Princesa”. This building served as the city’s prison in the nineteenth century, and now houses Puerto Rico’s Tourism Company today.

The walk starts at the Puerto de San Juan. Visitors are greeted throughout the esplanade by gardens, historical statues, the Old San Juan bay, a restaurant, key local shops & vendors, and the only remaining old city gate (“La Puerta de San Juan”). This boardwalk is a great location for families, children, and people of all ages. It is traffic free and skates and bicycles are welcome. Many areas are well shaded.

Café La Princesa is an open-air café along the esplanade popular with locals. The café sits along the high city wall of Old San Juan.

At certain times of the year, you can enjoy live Blues and Salsa Music on Friday and Saturday nights. The promenade is also site of many cultural events. In addition, you will find many artisans and vendors lining the lower part of the walk way on Sunday nights and when cruise ships are in dock.


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