Historical Sites

Old San Juan has more that 400 carefully restored buildings dating back to Spain’s colonization of the Island. Each one displays the city’s rich architectural heritage and history. On this page you will find just a sampling of the many historical places you will find to explore.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

El Morro, San Cristóbal, and La Fortaleza were named to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in February of 1983 because they are considered to have cultural and physical significance.



The rich heritage of Puerto Rico is obvious in the multiple museums that wind around San Juan. From contemporary Latin American to classic, pieces by local and international artists bring the story of the country to life.


Plazas and Parks

Old San Juan has many parks and plazas scattered throughout the city. Each one has a story behind it that offers a chance to learn about the city’s rich history.



There is a small local beach named Playa Bajamar in Old San Juan, but isn’t a family friendly place to go swimming. The only family friendly beach on the small island of San Juan is Escambron beach. It is not in the old city area; it’s in the Puerta de Tierra section of San Juan.  The beach is a good long walk from the main streets of the old city section, but can be easily accessed via bike, bus, or taxi.


Child Friendly Attractions

Vacationing with children requires good advanced planning. Having the right mix of activities can make travelling with children much easier. Below you will find a list of child friendly attractions to assist you in your planning.


More to See Near Old San Juan

If you have a little more time to spend in Puerto Rico, there are many other places you can go to explore the history and beauty of the island.  These places can be reached in an hour or less and depending on what you would like to see they may even be accessible by bus, train, or ferry.


More Great Places to See in Puerto Rico

If you desire to see even more of the island, or you are looking for a little adventure, Puerto Rico has some really spectacular sites all over the island. This list will give you a taste of what you can find.


Walking Tours

Numerous companies offer Old San Juan city tours. They range from theme-specific tours such as culinary or coffee-lovers’ tours to general history tours. Unfortunately, some are too touristy for our liking.


With Iggy’s help and expertise, we offer creative walking tour options that emphasize more of a local and cultural flavor still full of history, food, and yes, “café:

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