Vacationing with children requires good advanced planning. Having the right mix of activities can make travelling with children much easier. Below you will find a list of child friendly attractions to assist you in your planning.

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Click on the names of the attractions in blue below and a new window will open up with an video telling you more!


Paseo de la Princessa thumbPaseo de la Princesa
This is a promenade with many shade trees on it that runs along the walls of the city between the Bay and the Gate areas. There are a lot of different things to see if you go there during the weekend. There are a multitude of artists, vendors selling their wares in the streets, and even different musicians.  It’s also great for letting kids buy cheap souvenirs and watch all of the street musicians at work.


El Morro thumbEl Morro
Castillo San Felipe de Morro, a 16th century fortress, was built and named after King Phillip II of Spain and constructed to guard the entrance to San Juan Bay. Construction of the fort started in 1540 and took 49 years to build. It was added to in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is a maze of barracks, tunnels, outposts, lookouts, dungeons, vaults and ramps just waiting to be explored. Inside the fort there is a museum and video display. There is also an esplanade for picnicing and flying kites!


Unesco thumbCastillo de San Cristóbal
Construction on the fort began in 1634 and took over a century to complete. It is one of the largest Spanish forts ever built and the strongest in the Americas. Constructed to fortify Spain’s defense of Old San Juan’s harbor, the fort protected the island from land attacks.  There is plenty to see and explore here and if you are observant you may even see an iguana sunning himself!


Parque de las Palomas thumbParque de las Palomas
“Palomas” is the Spanish word for pigeons and that is just what you will see here. Hundreds of pigeons flock here daily. It is a great stop for children. You can buy bird seed from a vendor at the gate to feed the birds. Be sure that you look for the holes in the walls that make a great place for pigeons to spend some time resting. This park is also a great spot to enjoy a view of the harbor and the city.


Dealing with Rain
Rain is a frequent occurrence in tropical climates. Fortunately, the rain showers here are often brief and pass quickly.  If you find yourself caught outside in the rain, you can go into one of the many museums in Old San Juan until the rain passes.