Large Iggy

Saludos, I’m Iggy, one of many friendly iguanas on the island. This is my city. You can spot me sunning in grassy areas or hiding in holes all over Old San Juan. Let me know if you ever spot me! You can comment about your “Iggy spottings” in the comments form below.

I am an expert in Old San Juan. I can help you get the most out of your visit to Old San Juan and my island. Scattered throughout the pages of this website you will find my two cents and my “fun facts” where I offer you hints and tips on how to use this website as well as the important and fun things to know about my city. Just look for me!

What do I do for living? I research Old San Juan for visitors so they can appreciate my city from a local’s perspective. I’m also the mascot for Vamonos Tours, an educational tour company that specializes in cultural immersion group tours of Puerto Rico. Click on the logo below to find out more about Vamonos.

Iggy fun facts

 Want to spot my friends while walking through Old San Juan?

Try entering Fort San Cristobal from Calle Norzagaray (right before reaching Plaza Colon). As you walk up the few steps before entering the facility and the gift shop, look at the fort walls on your right – we often hide in visible wall holes to escape the heat. Good luck!