Cruise ships are a sign of economic growth

A few of years ago, Old San Juan reconstructed its old Pier 3 to be able to accommodate the largest cruise ships on the seas which increased their capacity to have up to 7 cruise ships docked at any given time. Since then, this pier has been a host to all the largest mega-cruise ships in the world, some of which are capable of holding as many as 6,000 passengers at a time. This increased cruise traffic means economic growth for the island.

As a result of Old San Juan’s efforts to attract cruise ships to its city, last year saw a record number of cruise ship travelers visiting Old San Juan. This uptick in cruise ships docking in Old San Juan translates to economic growth for the city’s many restaurants, shops, taxi drivers, tour operators, and artisans.

This is all good news for Puerto Rico. This year the city estimates a whopping 1.7 million tourists will dock in Old San Juan at one of its piers. The growth of the tourism industry means new business opportunities and more available jobs for its citizens.

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