Are you looking to spend a half or full day in volunteering and service in San Juan? We have many ways in which you can serve, including hurricane relief. Options below are for Old San Juan, and the surrounding area.  We also have options for Ponce and La Parguera as well.

For more information or to book a service opportunity call Kathy at 888-366-6121 ext. 706.

Old San Juan

La Perla Community 
Serve at La Perla, home of “Despacito,” and right in the heart of Old San Juan. Service may involve cleaning debris and trash at damaged homes, maintaining the community organic garden, painting, fixing the community playground or other community areas as needed.

San Juan Metro Area

Hogar Fernandez Juncos – Boys orphanage
Serve at this unique boys foster home/orphanage. Service may involve painting, helping clean common areas, organizing workshops, games, and activities for the boys.

Soup Kitchen – indoor / outdoors
Serve at a unique soup kitchen near SJU Airport. Service may involve food preparation, food delivery for homeless communities in San Juan and Metro areas, serving food  both in and outdoors, painting, fixing outside facilities, etc.

Mangrove resforestation in Cataño
Serve at a protected  mangrove area near San Juan. Service may involve cleaning mangroves, weeding, seeding, trash-collecting, etc.


Centro Esperanza
Centro Esperanza is a community school and foster home for very poor families. Service may involve hurricane-relief efforts, painting, helping clean common areas, organizing workshops, games, and activities for the kids.


Casas de la Selva
Rainforest Reforestation Programs. Find out more here:
COST: $55 no transportation; includes staff on site, ALL meals and LODGING on site included
Contact  Casas de la Selva directly via their website.

If you are interested in any of these service options or any service option different from what is listed here, please contact us at 888-366-6121.