As of November 30th, we have begun running walking tour of Old San Juan again! Many stores and restaurants have reopened in the city and are ready for visitors. Both forts and most museums are back up and open for tourists as well. Below is an update on the general status of the island as it continues to rebuild.

Current Puerto Rico stats:

  • Electricity is now at 68%
  • Water is at 93%
  • Hospitals in the cities we visit on tour have electricity and are fully operational (Ponce, San Juan, Lajas, Fajardo, etc).
  • The San Juan Airport has been open and operating at 100% since late October. There are about 70 flights per day going in and out of SJU.
  • 72% of all hotels on the island are open. ALL of our partner hotels have been up and running since October!
  • Post office and ports are operating at 100%
  • Telecommunications is at 76%.
  • Transportation on the island – all of the main roads we use while on tour have been open and fully cleared for months. We see more and more traffic lights being installed daily. From experience, wherever a traffic light is missing in San Juan, a police officer is there to control traffic.
  • Tour attractions – ​Almost all of our popular attractions are now open and fully operational, including Fajardo’s Catamaran, El Yunque zipline​, ​city visits, markets,​ etc.​​ ​However, ​Utuado ziplines and El Yunque trails​ remain closed​.

For more information about our tours, and the current status of our island, write us at: [email protected] or call our office: 888.366.6121. Thank you for your support. Please follow us on our BLOG and on our Facebook page for more updates. Gracias!


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